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Pickwick Fruit Fusions Variation Box

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This Pickwick fruit variety box contains 4 delicious fruit infusions with real pieces of fruit.

Ingredients: Cherry & Blackcurrant: pieces of apple, beetroot, aromas, blackberry leaves, hibiscus, licorice pieces, blackcurrant (0.5%), pieces of blackberry (0.4%), pieces of cherry (0.25%). Raspberry & Strawberry: pieces of apple, green rooibos, rose hip, aromas, beetroot, hibiscus, liquorice, pieces of raspberry (0.5%), pieces of strawberry (0.5%). Mango & Orange: pieces of apple, rooibos, lemon balm, orange peels (10%), liquorice, hibiscus, aromas, pieces of mango (2%). Lemon & Pineapple: pieces of apple, lemon balm, rose hip, lemon peels (12%), aromas, white hibiscus, liquorice, pieces of pineapple (0.5%).