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Pickwick Professional Tea Top 10

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The Pickwick Tea top 10 offers you a varied selection of tea blends with English Fairtrade, Earl Gray Fairtrade, Rooibos Fairtrade, Green tea Pure Fairtrade, Green tea Lemon, Forest Fruits Fairtrade, Lemon, Star Mint, Licorice and Chamomile.

Ingredients: English: black tea (100%). 100% natural. Earl grey: black tea, bergamot, aroma. Forest fruit: black tea, aromas, pieces of forest fruits (2%: blackberry, strawberry, raspberry, blueberry). 100%natural. Lemon: black tea, aromas, lemon peels (1%). 100% natural. Green tea lemon: green tea, lemongrass, aroma, lemon peels (2.5%). 100% natural. Green tea pure: green tea (100%). 100% natural. camomile; chamomile. 100% natural. Star mint: licorice (40%), anise (25%), fennel (25%), peppermint; (10%). 100% natural. Rooibos; rooibos, cinnamon (5%), aroma. 100% natural. Liquorice/Licorice Root: Licorice (70%), Oolong Tea, Black Tea. 100%natural.