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Van Wijngaarden Zaanse Mayonnaise Low in Sodium

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Despite the fact that the original Zaanse Mayonnaise is already very low in salt, a special variant has been developed for the diet.

Per 100 grams.
Energy 3120 kJ (745 kcal)
Fat 79.3 g
Of which saturated 6.7 g
Of which monounsaturated 48.4 g
Of which polyunsaturated 22.6 g
Carbohydrates 3.1 g
Of which sugars 2.8 g
Protein 1.8 g
salt 0.1 g
Potassium / Potassium 0.44 g

Ingredients: rapeseed oil (77%), natural vinegar, FREEZE EGG (8.5%), sugar, water, food acid (lactic acid), mineral salt (potassium), MUSTARD (water, MUSTARD seed, vinegar, salt, sugar), flavors (CELERY) , preservative (potassium sorbate), antioxidant (E385), color (beta-carotene). E = by the E.U. approved excipient